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Surrogacy Lawyers Brisbane

At Parry Coates Family Law, we have highly experienced and compassionate surrogacy lawyers in Brisbane. Our lawyers are aware of the strict legislative requirements of the Surrogacy Act and have experience in advising both the birth mother, her spouse and the intended parents.

Surrogacy Laws Queensland

Surrogacy is now legal in Queensland and is governed by the Surrogacy Act 2010 (QLD). It is strictly altruistic (meaning non-commercial). Until this time, surrogacy in Queensland was illegal.

Read more about Queensland’s Surrogacy Legislation.

Surrogacy Act 2010 (QLD)

There are many purposes to the Surrogacy Act. The paramount consideration is the best interests of the child. It is also for:

  • The regulation of surrogacy arrangements
  • To prohibit commercial surrogacy
  • Provide for the transfer of parentage of a child
  • Establish procedures to ensure all parties understand the implications and nature of the surrogacy arrangement

What is a Surrogacy Arrangement?

It is an agreement in writing between a woman and another person (or persons), where the woman agrees to become pregnant with an intention to relinquish custody and guardianship of the new born child to the other person.

The terminology used in a surrogacy arrangement:

  • Birth mother
  • Birth mother’s spouse
  • Birth Parent
  • Intended Parent

It is important for those wanting to enter into a surrogacy arrangement to obtain clear advice from not only treating medical professionals, but also a lawyer, preferably one with experience in surrogacy arrangements.

Following the birth of a child under a surrogacy arrangement, an application may be made for a ‘parentage order’. Certain criteria are considered by the Court before such an order is made. The relief is discretionary and the order must be for the well being and in the best interests of the child.

It is essential to a Surrogacy Arrangement that independent legal advice is obtained before entering into the agreement.

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