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Brisbane Family Law Services

Parry Coates Family Law are a team of family lawyers specialising in Family Law in Brisbane. With extensive experience, we provide expert advice and guidance to help our clients resolve a range of family law matters in the most cost-effective and timely manner.

Family law services



How long does a divorce take? Do you need to be separated before you can get a divorce? Talk to our divorce lawyers today to get answers to your questions.



Property Settlements

Property Settlements can include assets, liabilities, superannuation and financial resources. They can also include cash payments that one person makes to the other.



Child Support

After separation or indeed after the birth of a child, both parents have an obligation to financially support their children. Our specialist family lawyers can provide expert advice.



Parenting Matters

Do I need a parenting plan? What is the difference between a parenting plan and a consent order? Our family law specialists can help you make these important decisions.



Spousal Maintenance

Not all family law matters will require the payment of interim spousal maintenance. We provide spousal maintenance advice during our initial consultation with you.


Separation Agreements

Separation Agreements

For a significant number of our clients a formal separation agreement is necessary. Parry Coates Family Law can guide you through this process.



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Family law useful links

Checklists, information and useful links about Family Law services in Queensland and how they may impact your circumstances.


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Our family law specialists are here to help put your mind at ease. Find out what to expect in your first appointment at Parry Coates.