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Consent Orders


After we assist you to resolve your dispute with your former partner, we will continue our commitment to you by guiding you towards one of two documents available to formalise your property and/or parenting agreement.

The first option available is a ‘Consent Order’. This Order can formalise both parenting and property matters. It does not formalise any private child support agreement you have reached regarding your children. Please refer to our information on child support for more information on these types of private agreements.

There are two types of consent orders:-

  • Consent Orders where there are no Court proceedings; or
  • Minute of Consent Order where there are Court proceedings.

We have significant experience in drafting both types of Orders and will prepare your documents to implement your agreement. Once the Court approves the terms of your agreement, the order you and the other party sign will be stamped with the Court’s seal and forwarded to us. Either a copy or the original will be given to you.

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