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Child Support


After separation or indeed after the birth of a child, both parents have an obligation to financially support their children. During the parent’s relationship this occurs and following separation it is required to continue.

At Parry Coates Family Law, we have been involved in many parenting matters where a child support dispute exists. Our first piece of advice is to direct our clients to the child support agency website. At this time, the agency is formally controlled by the Department of Human Services (Child Support), however we simply refer to it as the ‘child support agency or CSA’.

Please click here for the Department of Human Services website.

Where the parents wish to avoid the child support agency and the assessment process, we can provide extensive advice about other methods to resolve a child support dispute. A child support assessment specifies a cash periodic payment required to be made by one parent to the other parent. An assessment does not take in account other child related expenses such as private school fees. In circumstances where this exists, you will be required to apply for a Change of Assessment. This can be a very tedious process.

Parents can negotiate and agree on a private collection arrangement or enter into a formal child support agreement. We will provide you with advice about this arrangement and the benefits of a private agreement.


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