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Our first meeting with you

Our lawyers initially meet with you for the first time for an initial consultation. Our lawyers ask that you set aside approximately 1.5 hours for this initial consultation so that you have ample opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

During this consultation, our lawyers will discuss with you what you are wanting to achieve and advise and guide you on your unique circumstances. This can include advice about:

  • The difference between separation and divorce;
  • Your time limitations and the reasons they are important;
  • The legal framework for property settlement matters and what is considered and relevant in your specific circumstances;
  • The assets, liabilities and superannuation benefits owned by you, your former partner (either jointly or individually) and any business interests you may have;
  • The process and duty of financial disclosure;
  • The financial, non-financial and parenting & homemaker contributions of both you and your former partner;
  • Those matters which may have an impact on your future;
  • Whether there has been, as a result of decisions made during the relationship, an ability for one party to have a better earning capacity than the other;
  • Whether one party’s earning capacity has been or will be affected by ongoing commitments to support children and the impact that has on the ability to obtain and maintain gainful employment;
  • What is the level of financial support being paid for the children of the relationship and what are the care arrangements for your children.
  • What parental responsibility means;
  • What the Court considers when deciding children’s care arrangements and whether an equal time arrangement is appropriate.

Our lawyers will often give you ‘homework’ to aim to reduce your legal costs where there are items that you can often obtain or undertake yourself.

We aim to have you leaving your consultation feeling more confident and armed with information to assist you in making the choices you are considering or may need to make as part of the separation process.


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