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Domestic Violence Lawyers

Domestic and family violence is legislated and implemented by each State. In Queensland, we refer to and are guided by the law the Domestic & Family Violence Protection Act 2012. This Act was amended in 2012 and as a result the definition of domestic violence was broadened. It not only includes physical abuse and damage to a person’s property, but covers emotional and psychological abuse, financial abuse and any conduct/behaviours that causes a person to fear for their own safety, or the safety of their children.

An application for a Protection Order can be made by the aggrieved (victim) or a member of the Queensland Police. The application is determined in the Magistrates Court. A Protection Order can be made by consent between the parties or if defended, by the Magistrate.

If you require legal advice about domestic or family violence, Parry Coates Family Law can assist you. If you fear for your safety you should also contact the Police or a Domestic Violence hotline.


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