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Family Mediation Services in Toowoomba

Family Mediation Services in Toowoomba

Posted On: 27 February

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February saw one of our principal mediators, Daniel Coates, travel to Toowoomba to facilitate family mediation services for a separation dispute regarding future arrangements for their children.

Our Parry Coates Mediations section of the business is taking off as our firm continues to grow. We now provide both family law services and family mediation services throughout Queensland and northern New South Wales.

Daniel was able to explore the issues openly with both parties and facilitate them to create a parenting plan. The parenting plan addressed all the agreed parenting issues and works in conjunction with the existing parenting orders the parties had obtained earlier.

Nationally accredited mediators

Both of our principal family lawyers, Daniel Coates and Rebecca Parry, are Nationally Accredited Mediators and registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners who offer family mediation services throughout south east Queensland, regional Queensland and northern New South Wales.

Our family mediations offer clients a cost effective approach to negotiate all issues in relation to their family law matter. Daniel and Rebecca are able to facilitate mediations at the solicitors office to avoid any additional costs of room hire.

Book a family mediation session

Contact us today to find out how our family mediation and family dispute resolution services can help you. Our professional and accredited mediators are available for bookings, please get in touch to check availability.

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