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Getting to know us – Pets of Parry Coates

Getting to know us – Pets of Parry Coates

Posted On: 4 September

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Paddy is Rebecca’s Rottweiler X Shar-pei.  He will be 5 years old on the 1st of December this year.

Paddy loves an early morning walk around Rebecca’s local neighbourhood smelling all the smells.  He is an excellent guard dog and does a wonderful job of scaring away unwanted guests who arrive at Rebecca’s house.  He is well trained and fiercely loyal.  Paddy doesn’t like his photo being taken but still manages to look cute in all his pics.



Spot is Candace’s rescue Cattle X.

Spot is a loveable and energetic dog who would chase the ball until she passed out if she could. She is a fiercely affectionate dog who can often be found laying next to her humans on the lounge or following them around like a shadow.  Spot rarely is out of Candace’s sight.

Don’t be fooled by Spot’s good behaviour sitting in the photo.  Spot can easily jump over a six foot fence and will often jump up to kiss your face.

Among Spot’s other favourite things is food, napping when Candace is at work, chasing turkey’s around parkland and the beach!



Ali is Amy’s 14 year old boy, who loves to sleep.  Ali can usually be found, as photographed, in a sunny, comfortable spot inside.

Ali occasionally likes to venture outside and explore the garden but, courage isn’t one of his strong points, so is usually scared back inside by shadows.  His favourite hiding spot is inside the wardrobe.

Ali is getting used to his new competition in the house, Amy’s baby, Lily-Rose.



‘Ben and Nancy’

Nancy and Ben are our Administration Assistant, Belinda’s, dogs.

Nancy is an eight year old mixed terrier who was rescued from the pound in Bundaberg with a bad case of fleas and a timid disposition.  Nancy loves walks, BBQ chicken and barking at the postman.  If Belinda could clone Nancy, she would.

Without consulting her husband, Belinda rescued Ben from a pound near Esk earlier this year.  He is a four year old Cairn terrier cross who is aggressively affectionate – if he can see you, he must be touching you.  Ben’s favourite things are snacks, napping and rolling in things he shouldn’t roll in.  He’s a good boy.

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