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Candace Watkins – Family Lawyer in Brisbane

Candace Watkins – Family Lawyer in Brisbane

Posted On: 19 July

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We invite you to get to know Candace Watkins, one of our family lawyers, and youngest member of the Parry Coates Family Law team in Brisbane, Queensland.

Candace has worked exclusively in family law since her second year of studying her Bachelor of Laws Degree at Queensland University of Technology.

Candace places an emphasis on building a good rapport with her clients, ensuring they are involved and informed about their family law matters. She loves a good chat, which typically builds a solid relationship with those she works with and for.

A country girl at heart, Candace was born and raised in Rockhampton, but she’s also travelled the world and lived in both Wales and Scotland. The travelling bug doesn’t leave our youngest member, with her most recent adventures taking her to Singapore and America.

Candace needs your help to decide which destination should be her next escapade… New Zealand or Japan? Send her an email and let her know your vote: candace@pcfl.com.au

Like (or unlike) the rest of the Parry Coates Family Law crew, Candace has an interest in health and fitness, yet enjoys the good things in life such as coffee, wine, cheese and baking.

Check out her specialty being cupcakes/cakes and brownies – @cakes.by.candace

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