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Daniel Coates – Divorce Lawyer Brisbane

Daniel Coates – Divorce Lawyer Brisbane

Posted On: 14 February

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In our first issue of Parry Coates Food for Thought for 2018, we invite you to “get to know” the Dan behind the Director Daniel Coates of Parry Coates Family Law.

Having been born in Queensland, swimming and Rugby League were in Daniel’s blood. Unfortunately, his promising professional career was prematurely cut short from a lack of ability – he’ll say it was just bad timing.

Daniel transitioned into Basketball. However, as before, the next Jordan was not to be, a result of being about 8 inches too short and … he says bad timing.

Fortunately, having a Rugby League career cut short meant Daniel didn’t suffer too many concussions, leaving him with enough grey matter to complete his Bachelors of Psychology and Law and post-graduate studies in Law – he was even invited to the Golden Key International Honours Society for his scholastic achievements in Law, received only by the top 15% of students – he says the other 85% of students must have received multiple concussions in their Rugby League career.

Daniel was drawn to Family Law for three reasons. Firstly, it is the one area of law which he says requires a broad understanding of most other areas of law and deals with the entire spectrum of society. Secondly, he has always enjoyed working in a way that encourages people to improve themselves and their positions. Finally, he was NOT going to sit in an office for 10 hours a day comparing two different copies of 50 page leases.

Daniel’s dream would be to open his own brewpub, being a keen hobby brewer. However living in Brisbane and it now being 2018 means he is about 10 years too late!

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