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Coping strategies for Divorce – Turn coping into contentment

Coping strategies for Divorce – Turn coping into contentment

Posted On: 27 November

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Relationship separation or divorce are among the most emotionally disruptive experiences people can face, possibly even more so when there are children involved.  The end of a meaningful relationship is a very painful experience, even if the relationship is not a good one.

Legal proceedings can add another level of stress during this difficult time.  Family lawyers, such as Parry Coates Family Law, are there to help you with the legal aspects of a relationship breakdown in an efficient and cost-effective manner, giving you time to focus on yourself and your future.

When coming to grips with the reality that your relationship is over and life as you know it is coming to an end, you are likely to journey through many conflicting emotions.

It is important to know that this emotional rollercoaster is normal and there are strategies you can adopt to ensure you cope as best you can during this difficult time in your life.

Let others help

While you may find it difficult to talk about, it is important to share what you are going through with those closest to you.  Surround yourself with those you feel most comfortable with – supportive, positive people – and share your thoughts and feelings with them.

You may feel tempted to talk things through with a stranger or someone you will never see again but genuine support from a trusted friend is more valuable than passing, awkward sympathy from a stranger.

If you find it too difficult to talk it through with someone, it can be very helpful to keep a diary or write down how you are feeling.  The important thing is to get your feelings out.

No matter what the method, ensure you have an avenue to vent in some way – letting it out can go a long way when you are feeling overwhelmed emotionally.

Go easy on yourself

It is important to be forgiving of yourself instead of focusing on the “what ifs”.

A divorce may be unexpected and sudden, or it may have been a long time coming but it is important to remember that no one aspect could have stopped it and no one argument was the cause of it.  Resist pouring over the finer details and be kind to yourself.

You cannot change the past.  You can, however, acknowledge what has happened and shift your focus towards a positive future.

Look forward to the future

Although it is easier said than done, try to be as positive as you can in both your thinking and your life choices during the difficult time.  This will help you cope and allow you to build a strong and healthy life, post separation.

Make healthy choices when it comes to your physical and emotional wellbeing.  Schedule activities that bring you pleasure and participate in them regularly.

Although it may not seem that way, times of emotional crisis can be opportunities to grow and learn.  There are things you can do to get through this difficult phase and, if you look to the future with a positive mindset, you can use this time in your life to sow seeds for new growth and reinvent yourself.

Give yourself time

You are probably tired of hearing people tell you that things will get better with time, but time is an incredible thing.  While time does not have the ability to eliminate your emotional attachment to a situation, it really does ease the pain.

The formal requirements of a separation or divorce take time to handle.  Having lawyers, such as Parry Coates Family Law, who understand that prolonging the legal issues can lead to further stress, can help.  Parry Coates have the experience and knowledge to remove as much legal stress as possible, allowing you to focus on your future and yourself.

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