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Recipe: Spring Rolls for Spring!

Posted On: 25 September

Print this recipe The filling for these can be used in either a spring roll wrapper (to deep fry), or in a rice paper roll (if you don’t want to deep fry).  You can add or replace almost any of these fillings to suit your taste – basically, the filling is stir-fried vegetables, with or …

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The relationship between a grandparent and grandchild is often a very special one.  Grandparents are an important part of a child’s family and can play a significant role in their upbringing. But what happens when the normal role of a grandparent is disrupted, and even sometimes totally severed, due to a separation or divorce – …

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Parry Coates Mediation offers family mediation services and packages to suit all family law matters, including divorce mediation, family dispute resolution and property settlement negotiation. Family Mediation Packages We offer half day and full day mediation packages. Your mediation can take place at our Brisbane City office (therefore no room hire fees), or alternatively we …

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Spring Giveaway

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Spring has sprung and it’s time to get out of that Winter hibernation and head to City Winery at 11 Wandoo Street, Newstead. City Winery is Brisbane’s first urban winery since 1860 located on Wandoo Street in Fortitude Valley. City Winery’s winemaking philosophy is to source fruit from the best growing regions of the country …

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Prenuptial Agreements

What is a prenup? A prenuptial agreement is an Americanism for what is called a Financial Agreement in Australia. In fact, it is a reference to only one type of Financial Agreement available in Australia, the one entered into when contemplating marriage. In other words, a prenuptial agreement in Australia is a Financial Agreement which …

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Defacto Relationships

We see so many clients at Parry Coates Family Law asking the same question: ‘Am I in a de facto relationship?’ And we wouldn’t be a law firm if we didn’t answer this question with a ‘well it depends’. The answer is always not as clear cut as you would think. People usually need to …

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Separation Divorce Australia

The internet is full of hints and tips on: How to cope with divorce Coping with separation, and Looking after yourself during the marriage separation process While they don’t all provide the same advice, there are some consistent themes.  One of the most common tips, and usually the first one on many lists is to …

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Amy Hollis - Family Law Firm Brisbane

Parry Coates Family Law is excited to welcome Amy Hollis to the team! We are an award-winning boutique family law firm in Brisbane, specialising in all family law matters, including divorce, separation, child support, surrogacy and domestic violence. Amy joined our team in September 2018. Daniel Coates and Rebecca Parry, the firm directors, are very …

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